Dongguan Jianchuang Culture Communication Co., Ltd. is located in the world's manufacturing center (Dongguan City, Guangdong Province). It is an enterprise dedicated to the custom production of IP cultural and creative plush toys, fashion dolls and other derivative products and processing of supplied materials.

    Since 2018 its establishment, Our has been working closely with animation designers, well-known animation brand enterprises and government units to establish strategic partnerships. Adhering to the concept of being down-to-earth, far-sighted, and actively innovating, we adhere to customer-centricity and continuously innovate production processes. main customized categories: plush toys, mother and baby toys, cotton dolls, baby doll clothes, baby bags,plush sleeping bag, plush tote bag, plush shoulder bag, plush makeup bag, plush toy bag, plush blind bag, plush hot water bag,cloth bags, blind box dolls, trendy dolls, star peripheral dolls and company mascots.The company team has proofing masters who have been engaged in more than ten years of work experience, and staff with many years of professional toy production experience. They have organized a complete pre-sales and after-sales service system in customer service to ensure that every doll produced is an exquisite pursuit.

    The scope of customized derivative products according to the drawings: star cotton dolls, 10cm plush dolls,15cm plush dolls,20cm plush dolls and baby clothes,15cm baby bags,20cm baby bags, dumplings, doll bags etc. customization of animation derivatives, welcome to map proofing and mass production.

plush toy factory

Plush toy factory office environment

plush doll factory sewing department

Sewing department

plush doll factory filling room

Filling room

plush toy factory manual department

Manual department