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Stuffed Animals
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Custom stuffed animals:weighted stuffed animal Factory

Custom Stuffed Animals

Size: customized according to the drawing

Fabric: A grade crystal super soft, PP cotton filling

MOQ: 300 pcs

custom stuffed animals

Doujin cotton doll Keychain Pendant.

stuffed animals

Super cute stuffed animals key chain pendant.

Weighted Stuffed Animal

Do you like me, weighted stuffed animal pendant.

custom stuffed dolls

A pair of stuffed animals, do you know what it's looking at?

stuffed animal dolls

The cotton doll is calling for its mother, there is something delicious.

Custom Stuffed Animals

NO,I want to eat this.

warmies stuffed animals

I'm not picky eaters, isn't this delicious?

Stuffed Animals Factory

Customized warmies stuffed animals pendant, super cute, exquisite embroidery, do you like me, come and play with me.

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Therapeutic Benefits of Weighted Stuffed Animals

The use of weighted stuffed animals has gained recognition for its therapeutic benefits, particularly in promoting emotional well-being and sensory regulation. Here are some key therapeutic benefits associated with weighted stuffed animals:Calming Effect,Sensory Integration,Improved Focus and Attention,Stress Reduction,Sleep Aid,Anxiety Management,Self-Soothing,Enhanced Body Awareness,Promotion of Relaxation,Therapeutic Play.

Can I wash my stuffed animals in a washing machine?

Many stuffed animals are machine washable, but it's crucial to check the care instructions on the tag. Some may require hand washing or spot cleaning to maintain their integrity.

Do stuffed animals have any therapeutic benefits for adults?

Yes, stuffed animals can provide comfort and stress relief for adults. Some people find them helpful for relaxation and emotional support during challenging times.

Do stuffed animals come in limited editions or collectible series?

Yes, some brands release limited editions or collectible series of stuffed animals, creating a sense of exclusivity and making them sought-after items among collectors.

What are some creative ways to display or decorate with stuffed animals?

stuffed animals can be creatively displayed by arranging them on shelves, in themed baskets, or even using them as decorative pillows. They add a playful touch to any room.

Are there any events or conventions dedicated to stuffed animals?

Yes, there are events and conventions where enthusiasts and collectors gather to celebrate stuffed animals. These gatherings often feature exclusive releases, workshops, and opportunities to connect with fellow fans.

Are weighted stuffed animals worth it?

weighted stuffed animals can be worth it for individuals seeking calming sensory input or those with conditions like anxiety or sensory processing disorders, as the added weight may provide comfort and relaxation.

Why do people get weighted stuffed animals?

weighted stuffed animals help with anxiety and mental wellness by using deep pressure stimulation. Essentially, they create a hug-like feel that releases soothing brain chemicals. Weighted stuffed animals are typically filled with materials that add weight while maintaining a soft and plush feel. Common filling materials include small glass beads, plastic pellets, or a combination of materials like poly-pellets and polyester fiberfill.

Are weighted stuffed animals good for ADHD?

weighted stuffed animals may be beneficial for individuals with ADHD. The deep touch pressure provided by the added weight can have a calming effect, potentially helping to reduce restlessness and improve focus in some individuals with ADHD.

Do weighted stuffed animals actually help with anxiety?

weighted stuffed animals can be effective in helping with anxiety. The added weight provides deep touch pressure, which has a calming effect on the nervous system. This sensory input may help reduce feelings of anxiety and promote a sense of comfort and relaxation. While individual responses vary, many people find comfort in using weighted stuffed animals as part of their anxiety management strategies. Consulting with a healthcare professional can provide personalized guidance on using such tools for anxiety relief.

What do they fill weighted stuffed animals with?

weighted stuffed animals are typically filled with materials that add weight while maintaining a soft and plush feel. Common filling materials include small glass beads, plastic pellets, or a combination of materials like poly-pellets and polyester fiberfill.

How heavy should a weighted stuffed animal be for adults?

The ideal weight for a weighted stuffed animal for adults depends on individual preferences and comfort levels. As a general guideline, many experts suggest a weight that is around 10% of the individual's body weight. However, this is not a strict rule, and some individuals may prefer slightly more or less weight.

Can I put my weighted stuffed animal in the dryer?

Whether you can put your weighted stuffed animal in the dryer depends on the specific care instructions provided by the manufacturer. In many cases, the outer cover of the weighted stuffed animal may be machine washable, but the weighted insert, often filled with beads or pellets, may not be suitable for machine drying.

Are weighted stuffed animals good for adults?

weighted stuffed animals can be beneficial for some adults, especially those who find comfort and relaxation through deep touch pressure. The added weight in these plush toys may offer a sense of security, reduce anxiety, and provide a calming effect. Many adults use weighted stuffed animals as part of self-care routines, stress management strategies, or to enhance relaxation during various activities, such as reading or watching TV.

Why do autistic people like stuffed animals?

Autistic individuals often find comfort in stuffed animals due to the soothing sensory experience, emotional support, and predictability they offer, catering to unique preferences and providing a sense of security.

Customized production process

Proofing service process:

Step 1: provide a stuffed animals artwork, our company will confirm the material and color of the fabric with you;

Provide three-view artwork, and the embroidery thread of the artwork is marked with Pantone color number

pantone color

According to the Pantone color number of the artwork, our staff will find similar fabrics

fabric color card

(Provide fabric color cards for customers to choose, for more color cards, please contact our staff)

According to the Pantone color number of the artwork, choose embroidery thread of similar color (the company uses bright embroidery thread for all)

embroidery thread color card

Step 2: After the proofer master is published, communicate with you remotely about the stuffed animals and make revisions;

Step 3: After remotely confirming that there is no problem with the stuffed animals, the sample will be mailed to you for final confirmation of the actual sample;

Step 4: After the stuffed animals sample is confirmed, send the sample back to our company for mass production order;

Step 5: The normal mass production cycle is 30 working days;

Mass production process:

Step 5: Die cutting or laser cutting of the fabric (most fabrics can be laser cut);

laser cutting

Laser cutting machine in operation in laser workshop

Step 6: Enter the embroidery workshop and carry out various pattern embroidery techniques;

embroidery workshop

Embroidery machines in operation in the embroidery workshop

(ps: Embroidery machine is also called computerized embroidery machine. It is an embroidery machine with exquisite graphics for dolls. It can realize high-speed and high-efficiency traditional manual embroidery, and can realize "multi-level, multi-layered embroidery" that cannot be achieved by manual embroidery. function, unity and aesthetics" requirements.)

Step 7: Take all the processed pieces and stitch the dolls in the sewing workshop;

sewing workshop

The sewing workshop is sewing the cut pieces. Experienced sewing hands are the greatest guarantee of quality

Step 8: After the dough is sewn, enter the cotton filling workshop to preliminarily shape the plush doll;

filling workshop

The cotton filling workshop is in operation

Step 9: Put the doll that has been filled with cotton into the manual workshop, sew up the filling mouth, and the plastic master will shape the doll after suturing;

manual workshop

The workshop is busy sewing dolls

Step 10: After the master plastic surgery, after passing the quality inspection, enter the packaging workshop to formally package the dolls;


Conventional packaging: PP bag or blister box packaging, or customized carton packaging

Step 11: After packing, ship the goods. There are two ways for the factory, one is to send to the delivery point designated by the customer, and the other is to send the goods directly to the customer's address;

shipping method

Step 12: After-sales service: If there is a problem in the production process of the product (all handmade products cannot be guaranteed to be exactly the same as the confirmed model), it can be repaired for free;

Real scene of toy factory production

plush toy factory